29 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No10: A mix of decor, play and comfort we love

Oh I could just loose myself in these pyjamas with a matching duvet set. The good thing is I can as they have both a kids and an adult version of the PJ's. In case you wish to hop on the new Instagram trend of family pyjamas. Not sure I'll join but if you are keen make sure you also look into Snurk account as they have several to choose from.

Lion mane head by Meri Meri | Goldfish paper lantern by Studio Pop Object | Cameleon soft toy by Jellycat | Single duvet set Swansy by Sleepy Doe | Matching Swansy pyjama set by Sleepy Doe | Cushion Leaf brown by Donna Wilson | Ted & Tone fabric storage basket | Swan mobile by Konges Sløjd | Beige slofjes by Bergstein

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