30 januari 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y... If money and space would not be an object

I love a good playroom for kids. Some of my friends are lucky enough to have a space in the basement or and attic room where the kids can have their own little domain. All I need is a pot of gold and a very good delivery man.

I simply love these two new items I've found. The lion head is by Ila y Ela and I already spotted in when going through the Maison et Objet hashtags an again later in the I Love Playtime Paris posts. I must admit that is a huge source of inspiration for me: going through hashtags when I cannot go to the actual expo. Another item that caught my eye is this lamp. It's a fun version for kids of so many of the designer black lamps with bulbs. And affordable so a nice balance against the overload of design I've put in this 'if money was no object' post. 

The three little Muuto shelves would be used to display recent creations from Lego or Knexx. Things they would create on the round Normann Copenhagen table with bricks stored in the colourful boxes. Let's hope not too many items hit the floor. They will be swallowed by the lovely grid rug by LiveLoudGirl in collaboration with Maison Saadah. 

Storage is essential in a good playroom. I find the wood used by Etnicraft beautiful. With the display side on the right you can store some toys (only the decorative ones) in sight. All other playful things that you don't want to look at all day can be store behind the door or in the convenient drawer. And on the XL shelf by Rafa Kids you would find the kids favourite books, cards and artwork. I'm a dreamer. I have decorated homes in my head over and over. This is a goal that I may achieve by the time the kids are 16. Let's hope they'll still love it as much as they would today at 6 and 4. For the first time I haven't credited ALL ITEMS you find in this post. See something that you would like to learn more about. Feel free to drop me a little note. 


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