9 januari 2018

Hello there.... Shake off the lazy dust it is 2018 and I need to get cracking

Is it a good way to start the year with an apology? Hmmm. not sure. However I have been offline a bit longer than I had anticipated. The reason was great. I enjoyed the holidays with family and got caught up in the laughter and relax with my children. Call it 'off line quality time' if you like. No harm in that right?

After that bubble of relaxation it is difficult to find your ON switch again specially if you are working from home. I have created several e-designs that after a good few hours of putting together could go straight to the bin. And when a collage works it just seems to fall together on your screen. So again, excited and keen to keep growing, improving, and becoming more professional at this. Care to join me for the ride? Onward to a great 2018! May it be a successful year 'FOR THE BRAVE, THE WILD ONES. THE PEACE-MAKERS & THE DAY DREAMERS'.

Watch the magic happen where styles clash and collide as they slowly grow on you and may one day become a part of your home.

Nebulae Wallpaper from the Contemporary series at Wall & Deco | THE BRAVE THE WILD THE DREAMERS art print by Blacklist Studio | Cumulus Pendant lamp in white by Enoki | HORISONT ceramic wall candle by Charlotte Kristensen (as seen on the VT Wonen woon & design beurs) | Afteroom side table by Menu design | Dark green velvet day bed by Be Pure Home | Aleena Jamil rug by GUR (120x70cm)

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