9 maart 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - Kitchen goals and wallpaper dilemmas

As a wallpaper lover I chose to put wallpaper in my kitchen. Not your most average choice as most people have tiled splash back. However, when we renovated our apartment we expected to only be living here a few years. With the wallpaper on the wall I get the look I love and whomever comes to live here next still can make their own choice for tiles.

This does mean I have to change my wallpaper every now and than because no matter how clean you try to be... there will be splashes on the wall. My previous wallpaper was a tile pattern (go figure, I don't put up tiles but take a tile pattern wallpaper). Now I want something more bold. I keep changing my mind on what I want (is it flowers like in this collage, or crane birds, or maybe a dark tiny flower pattern that I love so much at Krickelin). Budget wise I should go with this as it is only 22 euros per roll. Can you believe that!

Wallpaper by Graham and Brown via Hornbach | Tonone Bolt wall lamp striking orange |  Tonone Bolt wall lamp smokey black | Ikea UDDEN extractor hood (check if your ikea still has the mint one) | MENU salt and pepper shakers | Normann Copenhagen wall mounted  pocket organizers | IKEA Ekbacken kitchen worktop | Studio Fromata serving tray
So... what do you think? A fun vibrant kitchen that you would love to cook in or too over the top for your taste? Let me know your preferences and I can try to incorporate that in my next design.  

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