16 maart 2018

H e l l o F r i d a y - ARKET has arrived in the Netherlands! A Spring kitchen selection

There is a new kid in town! If that happens these days it almost goes un noticed. Until the 'new kid' is a store chain from Sweden. Than we wake up and go and explore. ARKET has launched their first Dutch store in Amsterdam at Koningsplein. A must visit next time I am in the capital city. For now I have made a selection of their online collection and added some fun Danish OYOY kitchen items. I love the instant spring vibes you get from this.

ARKET turtle bags string bag black | ARKET small glass flower pot | ARKET terracotta flower pot | ARKET short Wood serving spoons | OYOY oak cutting board | ARKET Bordallo Pinheiro Concave leaf plate 26 cm | ARKET Jerome Epinette Vetiver Handwash | ARKET medium spherical vase grey | OYOY milk & sugar people set | in the background Goose-eye stripe tea towel 

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