13 maart 2018

K i d s T u e s d a y - Let's hop on the botanical trend with some one of a kind accessories

If there is one trend that is going on a little while longer and that is very hard to miss it is the botanical trend. Tropical birds like crane birds and flamingos are everywhere and popping up on nice wallpapers like this one, this one and this one. Combined with the ever so popular Monstera plant leaves on pillows or bedding. I personally prefer to combine this birst of brightness and sun with a modest wallpaper. To not go too much over the top. After all... trends are trends and will be replace with another hype at some point.

Wallpaper by Milton and King | Crane lamp by Sissy Boy Homeland | Calhoun & Co throw blanket bananas via Urban Outfitters | Rocking chair by Kids Depot | Fruiticana snake pink by Ferm Living Kids | Monstera leaf cushion via Urban outfitters | Leaf cushion Ferm Living kids

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