3 december 2013

PART ONE - HELLO WORLD all time favorites for your wishlist

Every year around Christmas I get asked what I would like for a present. Often I write down something that can only be bought online. Most of the times I don't get those things. Now that I live in Singapore any present needs to be shipped anyways. So I thought I might as well put down my HELLO WORLD all time favorites. After all, good design doesn't always have to come from your local shop. I've searched internationally and came up with some real gems.

Here's part ONE. Cause let's be honest... there are so many good things you can find online. I hope to be back with more later this week. Stay posted...

1. cushions DAN300 Group (Australia)
2. bunting and cushion by Place de Bleu (Denmark)
3. wool throws by Rosenbergh Cph (Denmark)
4. amazing posters with great messages by I love my type (Denmark)

< Please note that my HELLO WORLD favorites are no sponsored posts >

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