9 december 2013

PART TWO - HELLO WORLD some of our favorites for your kids

It's time for part TWO. Hopefully by the time we get to Christmas I've managed to do FOUR and we'll call it my weekly advent (only sometimes Christmas as well as these posts has to come early otherwise you cannot get your shopping under the tree in time...). The thing we deal with phieuw!

1. clothes by Littlephant for Lindex (Sweden)
2. Cute and comfortable outfits for kids to wear at the Christmas table by Mothercare (UK & Sg)
3. So admire this success story from Freshly Picked. Make sure you get your kid some mocs. (USA)
4. Just launched... Zilverblauw wallpaper designed by my dear friend Anki. Check out her blog for more pictures and the Hexagonal design. (Netherlands)

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