13 december 2013

Meet HOME-WORK (in the making)

There will be a new kid on the block in Australia, HOME-WORK. Beautiful products of fabrics designed by Lara Davies and Jess Wright and all printed and produced in Melbourne Australia. Personally I totally fell in love with their 'Scrarabian Nights' pillowcases and the gold foil toilet bag.
In order to not take to much risk in with this new venture Lara and Jess had opened an account on Pozible, a crowdfunding creativity site. You could place your pre-orders of your favorites products. This would guarantee them quick payments to their suppliers and a way to fund the expensive start up costs of printing. A great idea as not only do you create funding, you also create a buzz and a group of ambassadors for your new brand.
As production is in full swing at the moment all we can do is sign up for the newletter, follow on Instagram for behind the scenes photos and WAIT.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Jij houdt ons vast ook wel op de hoogte toch, dan blijf ik gewoon lekker Lille Lykke volgen.. easy does it! Great catch dear! xo

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