20 februari 2014

In my own backyard… the Bloesem creative space

All images by Bloesem blogs found on Pinterest
So far me not visiting the new Bloesem creative space in Singapore has not been a matter of no interest but absolutely a matter of lack of time. And by the looks of it it will soon be a matter of budget. As soon as I step into her shop I'll be lost and have to buy some of the items of designers we both adore like Fine Little Day, Keecie, Darling Clementine, Jurianne Matter, and so many more. I am also curious about her own hand woven pillows (image 1) as it seems she is using amazing colors. 
I feel fortunate living in Singapore and being able to visit her shop and enjoy her signature style and atmosphere. Must really shift into gear and make sure I go there in the next few days. Keep and eye on Instagram as I'll surely post images when I'm there. 

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