27 februari 2014

Light up my initials

Most likely I will attend the Maison and Objet in Singapore this March. Looking forward to seeing some of this Graphic Lamp collection by Delightfull. I love the font of the G and would love to see the M and L up on the boys room. Let's find out if we have to break the bank for that...
Find out what your favorite letter looks like here... CLICK.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes! Vond deze ook zo geweldig, ik weet alleen niet welke ik zou kiezen! (Faves B, i, q en 9!) Veel plezier @ M&O ^^

  2. So cool! My name is Kimberly! Looks beautifull I think! :D

  3. Woow, I'm in love with this Graphic Lamp collection by Delightfull! ;)

    I search the website and find amazing and unique lamps.

    Here the link

    Btw, lovely blog. :)

  4. I simply love this brand! You cannot find anything like what they do in the market. Mid-century lines coupled with this fresh and cool identity... And that jazz and blues soul very present in its design... Outstanding pieces from a fantastic brand.