21 april 2017

Hello Friday... Dare to be different!

This may take a bit of a dare because of the bold prints and the vibrant orange. But how can you not fall instantly in love with this large throw by Slowdown studio. Maybe if you repeat the seeds print in the wallpaper and combine some of the colours in the rest of the styling you can tone down the madness a bit. But honestly... who would want to. With a design like this you are looking to be different and to stand out. In a good way.

Wallpaper Seeds by Jimmy Cricket | Wallpaper confetti rose by Ferm LIVING | Dorsey Throw by Slowdown Studio | Pom Amsterdam pillow Colourdrops coral | Kip and Co Tassel Throw | Pom Amsterdam pillow Colourdrops blue | Eric Trine + Dusen Dusen Outdoor sofa

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