11 april 2017

Kids Tuesday... as if I am drawn to my wild side

Want a room that stands out from the rest but don't really know where to start? My suggestion is start with a killer cool wallpaper. Like this 'Jungle dream'.
I'm a fan of LiveLoudGirl (as she knows) and I watched her MyStories last week where she gave a sneak preview on a wallpaper she was putting up for the boys. I loved the one she showed for the print but I wanted something with a more white background tone.

Party lights | Wallpaper Jungle Dream by Aimee Wilder | Pax and Hart Sir Scout poster | Stay Weird print by Blacklist shop | Menu Afteroom coat rack | Round spotted cotton rug by H&M | A little lovely company Neon style lightning bolt light | ByAlex playmat Velvet brown | Decoris plastic (garden) chair in taupe

So after being inspired by hers and my previous 'sloth' wallpaper the search continued. Leading me to this amazing wallpaper by Aimee Wilder called Jungle Dream. After the wallpaper box is ticked off you need lighting. I've gone for one of those strings with party lights. And than the playmat. I hear you thinking... my teenage boy with a playmat? Mums, all kids need a relax corner and this has a washable cover! Put it over a daybed and you're done! Nice to say a it can be a reading nook but let's keep it real there will be either an iPad or Playstation involved. As for the chair. I am in love. A pretty and traditional design with the modern day looks and comfort of it being plastic and therefor easy to clean. I love this little room and can see it come to life when I close my eyes.

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