9 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... let's go and create a kids tropical paradise

My kids love to play outside. Luckily we have enough garden around our hide away by the coast as our city apartment doesn't really provide much outdoor space. I've searched for the most fun items to enhance the outdoor experience for kids or to create a fun outdoor look and feel for an indoor play area. With a little splash of the tropical vibes to remember our days in Singapore.

Indoor/outdoor plastic runner by Brita Sweden | String lights (I bought mine here) | Beautiful swing by Madam Stolz | Kids chair by Whkmp's own | Image of Palm tree from the Katie Scott Botanicum book | Woven grass cactus by Colour Locale | Intex inflatable sea turtle | Razor Ripsurf Waveboard

This week I've also watched all episodes of the latest project by Three Birds Renovations and man what a job and what a result. I personally would add more colour but I highly respect what they have achieved and pick my inspirations from their accessories.

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