23 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... signed, sealed, delivered!

Me and the boys (3 and 5 year old) are pretty excited to have been asked to test the brilliant helmets by Nutcase. Even tough it is not obligatory (yet) in the Netherlands to wear a helmet we are all about staying safe. After all 'love your brain' as you will need it for the rest of your life. As much as I wanted to pick my own favourites in the fun line up of choice I thought it would be best to have the boys choose.

To make it complete I've curated some fun Micro-step scooters, Scotch and Shrunk clothes and Maa shoes with is. Who knows... maybe the other brands want to tag along. Isn't that why they say the postman always rings twice?

My boys are all about riding their bikes and scooters and even running as fast as they can. Everything is a race at this age. Follow us on Instagram to see and read about the test. And thank you Nutcase for providing us the Fly boy and Union Jack helmets to try. Can't wait for the boys to look all smart wearing them.

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