16 mei 2017

Kids Tuesday... inspired by WOW bloggers

This week I discovered (probable as one of the last on Instagram) the account of Kirstin Lagerqist (@krickelin) and fell head over heals in love with her style. A true WOW moment. She has a love for traditional Swedish with a modern look and feel. It inspired me and triggered me to create this collage.

MENU Tribeca pendant lamp | Poster 'I said a hip hop the hippie' | magazine rack | Normann Copenhagen magazine Color Box | Fatboy Candyofnie lamps (modular) | Crisp Sheets Float Bedding | Madam Stoltz stool | Custhom Aves embroidered wallpaper

The collage seems a bit more modern than what she shows on Instagram. But I need to combine her style with mine in the Lille Lykke collage images. This feels like the start of a series where I make collages in the style and taste of bloggers we all know and admire.

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