7 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No1: A double the fun start for the holiday season gift guides

Is it too early to start with suggestions for the Christmas stockings? No I think you need to gather and collect ideas all year long. And we in the Netherlands also have Sinterklaas on the 5th of December as an added bonus. So there can never be enough ideas and suggestions for gifts if you ask me.

We took our boys to a toy shop this weekend to get an idea of that they are looking for. Unfortunately there is no soul in the toys sold there. I am sure there will be joy as a result of them but those toys will not make my gift guide. Here is what did make it to start with.

Maileg dollhouse with furniture | Numer 74 Luna Starwand | Jess Brown & Atsuyo Et Akiko Le Start Tutu handmade doll | Crane art print by Rifle paper and co | Silly&Billy embroidery frame | Pompon Petillant coluillage cushion 


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