15 november 2017

#SEASONSGIFTGUIDES No5: Suitable for Christmas as well as the rest of the year

Last year we visited Oslo early December to catch up with family and soak up the Scandinavian Christmas atmosphere. One of the shops that curates a beautiful collection and has an inspirational atmosphere is Bolina. You can visit this shop online but when in Oslo to take the trouble to go here (in Stabekk) as it is very much worth the effort. To stay in the Scandinavian atmosphere I've looked at brands I have loved ever since I had my own online shop already six years ago and that fit well in the Bolina style.

Bohemian all seeing eye ornament | Walther and Co Hanging Ferm leaf | Sirius Home Star via Bolina | Decorative cushion Pine no Whine by House of Rym | Hanging adventure mobile by House of Rym 

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