8 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No2: Escape the ordinary and reach for the stars

Let the countdown for the festive season begin. And with international online shopping we need to take some shipping time into account. Smaller shops with the most original best gifts also need the time to keep up with orders. So I cannot stress enough... if you want something unique, get in there now.

The first gift guide was a bit girls orientated. So I could not leave out the boys (being a boys mum myself) so here is one for them. This gift guide has some of my favourite brands and designers as well as some new discoveries. It is very much astronaut, constellation, stars orientated. When it comes to kids this helps them feed their imagination and allows them to dream about big BIG adventures. It gives an adventurous yet sweet theme to a room.

To the moon embroidery ring by Silly et Billy | Roxy Marj custom made name pennants | Numero 74 stars garland | Heptic lab constellation quilt via Norman & Jules | Astronaut bedding by SNURK via Coockoland | Meri Meri space clothes transfers via Melijoe | Galaxy Rocket Adventure cape by Seedling | Wood and Yarn toys balancing game via Etsy

 - Do you have items you wish to suggest for our next gift guide please leave a comment below -

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