19 december 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - If your kid is wild you might as well give him a jungle

For some reason I was never aware that you could also buy home decorations at Debenhams. Always known it as a clothes retailer. When I saw this Pelican Table lamp from Abigail Ahern for Debenhams on Pinterest I was immediately sold. It's a velvet look design with several animals as a lamp base. Unfortunately many of them have already sold out. This gorilla is still available for the UK residents. Maybe I can convince my husband to stick one in his suitcase on his next London trip. Curious what the customs will think of that shape in a suitcase.

Hello Throw pillow via Land of Nod | Wallpaper design Jungle by Veronique de Jong at Motiflow | Muuto E27 pendant lamp yellow | Cheetah Vision designer fabric by Aimée Wilder (sold per yard) | Pax and Hart Spot poster via Leo & Bella | Abigail Ahern Blue Velvet Baboon table lamp via Debenhams | Muuto around coffee table small by Thomas Bentzen

For the younger wild child I do recommend checking out this circular wallpaper of a Mighty Jungle. A feast for your eyes and it will awake the little explorer in your kid.

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