20 januari 2017

Hello Friday.... let's go outside

Hi there you all this Friday. In the Netherlands it has been freezing a few days and this means we can most likely enjoy some ice skating this weekend. First time for the kids so it should be fun. After a fun day outside and defrosting inside it is nice to have a retreat of a bedroom to return to. I've put together a bedroom with items from all over the world. Hope you like it.

Rattan bed board by Tine K Home (available in several sizes) | Et Aussi crochet hanging lamp (love these and so many colour options) | Free download of sleeping eyes via Pinterest | Black oak stepping stool on sale at Pantoufle design | A selection of pillow cases from Australian Kip & Co | Large throw by Pony Rider from Australia | A vintage peacock chair (check out your online thrift sites like craigslist etc.) | Velvet grey cushion cover by H&M Home

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