13 januari 2017

Hello Friday... some girls bedroom inspiration

This is part of a feature I've written for Girlslabel that will be posted later this week. I love writing by assignment for others. It pushes me to think and write about things that I normally wouldn't write about. This is a bonus blog I did for the platform so I could keep it within my LilleLykke style. 

I wrote the blog after seeing a modern tiled wallpaper online. But seeing this selection of furniture and accessories I would also love to see this with a black and white patterned wallpaper. Some personal favourites are this one, this one and absolutely this one

Items used for image come mostly from Dutch shops as Girlslabel is a Dutch platform. 

Seletti white string of lights | Wooden bed house | Birch wood Snowpuppe chestnut lamp | Pani Pieska Mr Cat | Pani Pieska Rabbit Lady | Poster eyes | Cabinet | Storage bag by Nobodinoz | Snug ABC poster sea blue | Woood wall shelf 100 cm (for books) | Ratten chair by HK Living | Bedding dots | Bean bag by Nobodinoz

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