17 januari 2017

Hello Tuesday... Huh Tuesday???

_ As I was chosen to be the #instagrammeroftheweek by Meettheblogger on Instagram I want to treat you to some extra posts this week _

I still live with my parents. No not me, but as long as one of my kids wears a t-shirt like this I feel I should be allowed to design their room. Wonder how long I can keep up this tough mama 'my roof, my design' attitude. Lucky for them I have an overflow of ideas so there will be enough changes. Here are some of my current favourites.

Rice paper yellow lamp by Petit Pan | Playmats It's a wild jungle baby and Meet the forest from ByAlex Playmats | Little Quote Jar by Make History | Woood Meert wall shelves | Dino Daw Diplodocus 3 print pack | Yellow paint by Flexa | Nobodinoz storage basket | T-shit I SSTILL LLIVEE WHITT MMYY :) PARENTS by Mango | Cushion Peacock pois by La Cerise sur le gateau | Mustard yellow cushion with tassels by H&M

I love the lightness of the rice paper lamp and my son is a huge fan of the color yellow. So that was an easy choice. The playmats do come at a price but they are so much fun and versatile in use. Plus if ever the kids are done with them I would like to snatch them for myself for a cosy corner. The little quote jar is designed by someone I know and I still find this the best idea ever. If you don't write them down you really do forget the quirky things your kids come up with. Some shelves to store the best looking toys is always a good idea and for boys you just cannot go wrong with a good dinosaur. These come from Dino Raw in Australia. A really nice selection of dino posters and prints you can draw on. For storage I chose Nobodinoz as I love a bit of extra texture in a room. These are quilted so they look that bit more unique. The shirt is fun. I should get one in each size until the age of say... 18? The pillows are to make a comfy corner extra comfy.

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