18 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No 15: The fun essentials for a snow holiday with kids

If you have a ski holiday planned with the kids you night as well use the Christmas presents to make sure your kids are all decked out for the trip. As soon as you know your way around the web you will have your favourite shops lined up. It's easy to run into your local sports shop and buy them the basics. But hey... why not slide in style when it is made easy for you with this gift guide. I've got your back!

Hundred Pieces Mountain Jumper Navy Blue | Bloomingville Let it snow mug via Hudson's Bay | Lindex Beige FIX Thermal Underwear Long Johns in Merino Wool | Boden Ski Mittens on sale | KAPLA multi colour box 100 pieces (for hours of apres ski fun) | Sissy-Boy wooden Totem toy | Boden snow boots | Sticky Lemon original backpack small grass green

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