4 december 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No11: Let's not forget about our darling, devoted, loyal men

When it comes to a Christmas gift for a man I usually get a bit stuck. Mainly because there is hardly ever a 'wish list' available. So what did I do? I turned to my sister who lives in Oslo. Living in the heart of Scandinavia and being a wife and mother of two boys she can surely kickstart these men gift guides. She quickly found the right shops for inspiration found a great selection of gifts.

What would I like to add to this great list for advise? Think about what they like to do. Or... what you would like them to do. If you want proper cooked meet in summer get a rustic bbq book. Or encourage them to be a more outdoors person. You will likely succeed with these great items in the outdoor selection. I love the quality of all product in the list below. Leave it up to the Scandinavian to choose quality over quantity.

Hestra deerskin gloves from the Sport Classic collection | Woodland Stood Merino wool men's pants |   Johaug fold beanie via Anton Sport in Norway | Kindfolk the Entrepreneur book | Lost in Stockholm travel guide magazine | Stanley adventure shot glass set via Grandpa Store | Hem Pomme made by Hem-Design (from the off cut materials of the Slice desk organiser)

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