16 december 2017

#Seasongiftguides No14: A mix of keepsake, indulge and relax gifts

When it comes to making a Christmas wishlist I find I always look for the mix between things I need and things that feel a bit more indulge. For this Seasongiftguide I've look at keepsakes with the quote jar, relax yourself and catch up on previous issues with the bundle of Koel Magazine (on a nice offer), the Rockbox slice for some nice tunes and the Giesswein Mini pantoffle shoes. The scarf feels like indulge and it is woven in the most beautiful pattern. Am a huge fan of the Pom Amsterdam collection and love the fact that I know the founders from my home town. Another founder I've met at my kids school is Fashionoly. Are you into jewellery and a mixture of earrings than be sure to visit this site.

Make History little quote jar | Koel magazine bundle issue 1-2-3 (on offer!) | Fashionology earrings | Pom Amsterdam scarf | Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Slice wireless speaker | Geisswein ballerina slipper Mini

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